Young people face many challenges in Hong Kong Society and our Youth ministry has been a major influence in changing the lives of a large number of young people especially from our target South Asian community. ICM Youth Ministry is focused on showing the love of Jesus through the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ with teenagers and young adults. Our primary aim is to disciple them through both short term and long-term training in ministry, mission and bible studies. Through our weekly activities, individual prayer and counseling, our partnership with YWAM in the DTS programme, and regular outreach we encourage our young people to be leaders in worship, ministry and mission both locally and in India and Nepal.

youth night 

Friday Youth Fellowship

Our Youth ministry started in 2008 under the direction of Ebson Simick who joined the ICM staff for this purpose. From this point until 2013 Ebson  continued to use the focus upon worship to form a distinct Youth Ministry. With God's anointing this work was taken on by Emmanuel Lepcha (Ebson's brother) in 2013 and the worship and ministry has continued to grow in grace and spiritual depth as well as in numbers. The young people who started out in this ministry have become true disciples and form a vibrant core of an effective and Spirit led ministry that looks out to spreading God's word through music, drama, dance and preaching.

youth band

Music and worship have paved a way to have non-Christian young adults to come every Friday and worship Jesus. Friday fellowship is open to all and follows a simple pattern of worship, bible study and fellowship with snacks - a time to share and a time for individual prayers if needed. Through this simple pattern, many have given their lives to Jesus during individual gospel sharing after fellowship. Today, 20 or moreyoung adults come every Friday for the fellowship. We are always overjoyed to welcome new Christians to our fellowship and we praise God for the desire we see in these new young Christians to hear more of Jesus in his word and to worship Him regularly.

Outreach and Missions

We encourage our youth to pass on the message of the gospel to their neighbours for which we do an open air outreach in the streets and parks of Hong Kong every month either on Friday or Sunday afternoon.

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kingdom warriors


Kigndom warriors

Every Friday evening from 6.30pm we have activities for teens (11 - 14 year olds). With help from volunteers, staff organise bible study, small group discussion, a time of worship and other activities. There are also times when the teens meet with other young teens in Church groups and go to enjoy a movie or skating together. A recent week away with 20 youngsters decided that this group should be call KINGDOM WARRIORS

Discipleship training

Mini Discipleship Training School (Mini DTS) Abigail teachingis a school to train and equip young people into knowing the heart of God for themselves as well as for the others. International speakers speak on subjects such as: the Character of God, Father heart of God, Cost of Discipleship, Breaking down strongholds, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism and Missions,Worship. It is a time for an individual to develop a personal relationship with God through personal quiet times with God. We hold DTS program every summer for 2 weeks followed by outreach and missions.


  • Friday 6.30pm
    Graduates from our Kid's Club and other new memebsr form our teens group which meets on Friday evening for great worship, discussion and monthly outside activities, Contact DHAN for more information
  • Friday 7.30pm
    Youth Fellowship
    Youth worship happens every Friday for older teens and young adults starting at 7.30pm. This is a core time for our young people Contact BIMAL for more information and guidance
  • Bible Study
    Friday Bible study
    Every Friday  at 10.30am we have Bible Study led by former ICM Director Martin Radford. Each session gives our people a time to open the word of God and understand it. Finishes around 12 noon