Family Ministry

Inner City Ministries is an essential  ministry to the family and our vision is to bring transformation to family life as well as to individuals. There are enormous pressures upon our community and family life suffers as a result.Many of our families struggle to survive and we therefore seek to support families in as many ways as we can. A KEY strategy in this is to provide education, pastoral support, vocational skills and empowerment. Through the programmes outlined here we hope to bring life long transformation and stability to the families of our community


bible study

Training for ministry

Every THURSDAY at 7pm we have BIBLE TEACHING led by Inner City Ministries Director Martin Radford which gives our people a time to open the word of God and understand it. An essential part of provision for ministry,  we encourage as many of our young people and adults to attend this.  The class finishes around 9pm

bikal teachingTHEOLOGY is not simply a subject for universities and seminaries, it is a subject for all those who want to be equipped for MISSION and TEACHING. WE started a PRACTICAL THEOLOGY CLASS on Friday monring from 11 - 1pm to provide a well structured and immediately useful guide to practical living that can be used by the community to train others Materials come from a well tested course that lasts just over a year.

Pastoral Care

Our staff are well known and trusted in the community and are frequently involved in home visits or social service. Many of our community lack either the language skills or local knowledge to be able to deal with Immigration, schooling or medical issues. Our staff who have considerable experience including a qualified Social worker, often help in these matters by providing advice or accompanying members of the community to medical centres or HK Immigration or even to seek professional legal help. This is a crucial part of our work since it provides opportunites to show the practical love of Jesus and to talk about the Gospel when sat waiting with people at these various places. More than 1500 people have received medical care because of the genrous support of one of our community Doctors who has worked in partnership with Staff member Caroline Simick. For more infomation about this OR if you would like to help in a professional way please contact Caroline


For the last five years ICM has run sewing classes for women from our community, many of whom are mums with young children. These classes have grown in size and  run every week on Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm until 5pm. Each afternoon training is given to those just beginning in learning how to sew both by hand and using domestic machines. Focusing on making children's clothing - the standard of sewing has become very high and the products of these workshops have been given to children in desperate need around the world. We have, so far, sent well in excess of 1000 items of beautiful clothing to chidlren in uganda, India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

sewing latest

Some of the dresses made by our ladies have now been displayed for sale in partnership with BONHAM STRAND, a Bespoke tayloring company in Central. They have taken some of the dresses to put in their  display window seen at the level of the escalator above Hollywood road. Each dress has a story with it that shows how our ladies have come to work with us and how their lives have changed.  All this is made possible through donations of materials and machines.  It is a very successful ministry and growing.  Each afternoon their is an opportunity for snacks, chat and a message from one of our staff. Children who come with the mums are cared for and we provide a creche facility for young ones as well as activities for slightly other children.


Bringing up children in any sociaty presents parents with many challenges especially in 21st Century citylife. parents There are many pressures upon children and parents and there is a need for us to offer help to all parents. Our families are under particular pressure because they are trying to cope with different languages and cultures;  not everything that might work in one cuture will work in another.

With superb expert help from MATILDA DAY CARE CENTRE and HK University we have run 10 week practical parenting classes for parents of 3 - 6 year olds. This is a key age when many of the boundaries are set for the growing child. An important part of this is learning to play and engage with children in learning- something that many of our community mums have not had much experience. Each session had about 10 to 15 mums attending. WE aim to continue running these twice a year.

Matilda course